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Jan 27, 2010 9:00am EST
upset, including one of its cofounders. we're so pleased to be joined by peggy cooper cafritz it talk about all of these issues. back in the old days with the school board, you were in quite regularly and we were talking about issues. >> i was. >> and now, let me ask you first, does it seem like there's a less of a feeling of transparency now with the changes in the school's cansler in place and in the a president, i know a school board that's active. give me your thoughts on the state of education right now? >> well, i think because you don't have a local school board anymore and with meetings televised and lots of members of the public there and all of you guys coming, to cover it, i think it seems that you do. but i think if you really want to get into the system, it's fairly accessible. i would, and this takes time, you know, i would like to see us have strong parent student teacher outfits at each school. and i would like to see us have a parent coordinator at eah school. that's something, and we started doing that when i was on the board and we approved a policy and a plan for i
Jan 27, 2010 7:00am EST
big names will be here including peggy cooper, the former president of the d.c. school board. you may remember her northwest home was destroyed in a major fire last year taking with it a prized art collection. we'll talk about recovering interest something like that. we'll also get her take on the recent controversy involving the d.c. school system including rorks made by the chancellor concerning the firing of teachers and what some see as moving the famed duke ellington school of the arts. and a you new book details some startling revelations about pope john paul ii why he purposefully hurt himself and the resignation letter he had signed. that and much more coming up later at 9:00. >>> he might not know it, but you can visit korea without ever leaving washington. >> we are joined live from the embassy of the republic of correia. i was really trying to understand what i was looking at. >> i've been here and i've been trying to understand it, too. you know when you see those people standing in an art gallery and they're just like this? >> right. >> that's kind of what i felt like
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2